My name is Shelby, named after the character from Steel Magnolias not the car. I am fueled by passion for life and media. Not to mention, a good cup of coffee. I am a fan of many pop culture trends such as Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. I am also an avid player of video games and table top games mostly and occasionally attend local events to play them.

In late middle school-early high school, I quickly learned that I wanted to become a Website Designer in the future. I studied HTML, CSS, and Visual Basic (as well as some simple action script through the Alice program) throughout high school. After I finished high school, I followed my studies for Website Design and Development at GCC. I devoted every moment I could to my coding classes. I learned many more code languages and the newest versions of them respectively. I interned at a web service company for the last requirement of my degree. There I was thrown into the world that I had always dreamed of leading a career in. After the internship ended, I was hired full time at the company as a Project Manager. For seven months, I worked on numerous websites in the company before company changes resulted in a layoff. Now working as a contract web developer for the same company (and have been with them for 2 years now) my passion for the web field always inspires me and keeps me going. I can’t imagine ever looking back now.

I am an “idea person” in life, I would hazard to state. I am constantly thinking about new things to create, do, and otherwise talk about. My journals are filled with sticky notes about new ideas. My favorite mediums to work with include painting, sketching, jewelry making, and photography / iphoneography. I also scrapbook and have a constantly growing collection of scrapbooks filled with memories and photographs. Recording life has become second nature for me.

I also enjoy reading both printed books and ebooks in my spare time. On a regular basis though nothing is better than talking to friends and spending time with family.


Currently Learning & Want to Learn in Code

  • Drupal 820%

  • Ruby on Rails0%

  • Node JS0%

Currently Learning & Want to Learn in Languages

  • Japanese20%

  • French0%

  • Swahili0%

  • Chinese0%