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Career Purchases


In 2014

“I recently purchased an iMac to use for work in my career field at home. Due to being out of a steady job, I haven’t been able to use the same resources I have had at my disposal to make my production speed faster (like it was). Obviously the effect of that is that any work I do is slower – up until now. This wasn’t an easy purchase to make for me. I have a very hard time spending large amounts of money at once, so I just kept telling myself that I’d get one when I had a job again. However, being in the process of building up my portfolio again made me realized how much I needed a suitable machine for my work. My laptop is a great computer mind you but it is an everyday computer suitable for managing my daily social media, gaming, documents, and so on. For web development, it really fell short compared to the iMac.

It was hard – and I mean it – to decide if I wanted to spend the money right now or wait months if not more to buy it. I felt very unsure about it but when I went to the store and started looking around I fell in love with the perfect computer for what I do. I just couldn’t say no, because honestly it was more of an investment than a purchase. Especially because financing instead of paying it all at once became an option I hadn’t thought of.”


The reason I write this though is that since then I have invested in other career purchases since and I have found that not only is it good for your new business or your new job but it also helps with your confidence in what you do. As those of us start our careers we are often faced with speed bumps that make us rethink our choices both good and bad.

When you make these purchasing choices for your career be it a new computer, a new program, a portfolio website, or classes you are investing in yourself. You are saying that this is what you want to do and you will make it. I have known many of my former classmates that have gone though those same thoughts I had in 2014. They weighed out the pros and cons of these purchases – as well as determining if the money was there to be spent – for months like I did. All said it was the best decision they made for their careers when they invested in one of – or all – of these things like I have.

So all in all, if you are like me and still just starting out invest in yourself and your career when you have the means! It could be the best decision you could make for yourself.

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month

This month mom (Kristen from My Bead Journey) asked if I wanted to participate in this month’s AJE Component of the month. I of course said yes. This month had the most beautiful leather feathers for earring set. I decided to combine them with shag chainmaille and mom’s sead bead loop in a coffee color. The colors in the leather are so beautifully done, I just couldn’t cover them up.


Here is the best picure I could get of the piece. They are going to be connected to silver earring hooks (which will be shown in finished form publicly on my facebook page monday night).

A BIG thank you has to go to my mom for letting me participate!


Weekend Welcome 01: 1000 Islands and The Hamilton House

The Weekend Welcome is a series of posts dedicated to sharing photos from my assorted weekend adventures. I spend a lot of time with friends and family on the weekends and we usually end up with good photos and stories to tell. Enjoy!

A couple weekends ago I visited the Thousand Islands with my family. This was a very important trip to take for me because I was too young to remember the last time I was there, as well as it being important to get some perspective by spending time with my close knit family. Nothing says reality check more than going somewhere new. I also visited the Genesee Country Museum for their Celtic Festival with my best friend and her mom. My best friend and I ventured around the museum where she showed me her favorite houses, the absolute favorite being the Hamilton House.


Art Journaling and Scrapbooking

Now I know that there is a (somewhat) stigma about scrapbooking for many people. I have even been guilty of labeling it as a “grandma craft” myself, however, I think that that should change (

For years all of my photos were stored digitally and I never ever printed them. Yet, when I finished college for the most part, I found myself flipping through the hundreds of photos I had accumulated over those three years. I wanted so badly to do something with them, to document my favorite moments captured on film. I remembered I had done scrapbooking as a kid, so I opened up powerpoint and started making a digital scrapbook. It all snowballed from there.


It wasn’t without experimentation though. I have to date 2 smashbooks, 1 photo album, 1 chipboard scrapbook, 1 digital scrapbook, and 1 journal. Each one of them has their perks. The smashbooks are a perfect form of traditional scrapbooking for me because they are so free form and come with all the pretty paper already in place. I use them to document great days. Be it with clippings and business cards or actual photos.

My journal is my daily art journal. I write, add photos, sketch, write out my ideas, and pretty much put everything in it that inspires me on a daily basis.

The chipboard scrapbook is a five dollar project of mine. I use it to add document my hobby of photography and iphonography.

Oh and before I forget, you should read the posts about scrapbooking and other photo projects on A Beautiful Mess. They are a great source of inspiration for projects. Because of their posts and their Project Life Sunshine set, I just bought my first project life album to add to my collection.

Remember that point I was talking about earlier about the stigma changing? Well, I think that in the way our lives are now when we take photos with our phones and other devices almost daily, scrapbooking them is a great way to store them away from the digital world. We shouldn’t be shy about printing photos anymore. The digital world is great, but you can loose photos so easily in the digital realm. Computer crashes being the most common offender in losing photos. Printing them is the safest way to go for those precious moments that you don’t want to lose.

I love creating things with the photos I have taken, so you may see more of this on here. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Temporary Throwback Thursday 4: My Thoughts on Syfy’s Defiance

Temporary Throwback Thursday is a short series of most read posts reposted from my old blog

Syfy’s newest baby, Defiance, brings a new life to post-apocalyptic media plots. Defiance takes place 30 years after the terraforming of Earth by an alien planet. They, an entire planet’s races from across the galaxy, inhabited Earth. Furthermore, the story follows a man with his alien daughter’s dealings with the town of Defiance. It is interesting to see the interactions and relationships between the two of them as well as other characters form.

Defiance, to me, has become a quick favorite among my many. Terraforming, for example, has been something that science has explored before and has considered the possibility of humans terraforming another planet in the event that the Earth becomes too dangerous. The situation is reversed in the case of this show. This adds an interesting fictionalized look on the what if’s of terraforming a planet and how it would affect humans if it was done to our planet. The alien races are another aspect of this show that l find particularly interesting. They all seem to have their own systems of belief and systems of rule, however, this makes them more human than they seem to realize.

Yet, this show isn’t only an interesting show but also an apparently beautiful and exciting video game. I personally lack the system to play it right now, but from what I have seen I am definitely keeping it on my list.

All in all, Defiance has earned a spot as one of my favorite television shows. I think it is worth watching.

Fun fact: Defiance was given a B+ in a TV Review next to Doctor Who and Orphan Black.

Edit (6/5/14): Defiance will be back this summer! So looking forward to it and playing the game again!


Temporary Throwback Thursday 3: Homeland by R.A.Salvatore: An absolute favorite

Temporary Throwback Thursday is a short series of most read posts reposted from my old blog


I feel bad that my copy looks like this, however, it has been well loved. Today I felt like sharing one of the biggest inspirations to me in my blog on this rainy day (at least in New York). This is a book of which I make a point to re-read at least part of every summer.

R.A.Salvatore’s book Homeland follows the beginning of one of the most iconic fantasy character’s life. Drizzt is a drow, a dark elf, that rebels against the ideals of the society that he was born into. This book is beautifully written. He gives the reader a story that is dark and often tragic, however, it can immediately give an air of comedy or lightness in return. It is full of fight scenes as well that will hook you until the end. It is also filled with hatred, vengeance and a pinch of love.

Something that I loved about the book aside from the plot line was the interaction between the characters in the book, especially the interaction between Drizzt and Zaknafein (my personal favorite aside from Drizzt). You could feel the tension between the characters as if you were in the room with them at times. It, in my opinion, is an engaging book that I recommend to anyone who loves the fantasy genre. This particular book – even though I have read the series – sticks with me. It inspired me to write about the drow and even to start drawing my own characters that I have created. It is my absolute favorite book and I just had to share that.


Heroes of Cosplay: Motivator or Deterrent?

Cosplay has become mainstream after many years of being in the background. We see it – in a not joking light – on the streets, over the internet, and now on television. “Heroes of Cosplay” is Syfy’s reality television show about the prep and competition between popular cosplayers including the famed Yaya Han. However, is this show a motivator for new cosplayers? Or is it a deterrent?

The Motivator

Cosplay is a hobby that many people enjoy not only for the art but for the sense of achievement and community that comes with it. As a frequent con-goer and/or cosplayer, it would be hard not to see that there is a great love and respect between many cosplayers. Groups often form either out of friendships or out of mentor relationships with other cosplayers, which creates a very creative and interesting environment. Many, if not all cosplayers, are also motivated by the love they have for their character or the series they are cosplaying from. They show that love and end up connecting with those who have similar interests, obviously forming friendships along their journey in cosplay.

The Deterrent

With the show, you get to see what a lot of cosplayers really go through in the time before and during the convention. You see the days if not months of preparation of the costume during the segment and with that you see the days of fatigue and stress before the convention. Many cosplayers that I personally know also go through this right before a convention. Some can handle it, others cannot.

Then when the contest finally rolls around, you see the cosplayers show their stuff and the judges make their final decisions on who wins and often times it is not those that you have followed during the segment. This leads me to the arguments that I have made and have heard on the deterrent’s side. Because after watching all the work and all the stress that these people went through to create their cosplays, they still were up against other cosplayers with equally amazing talents. It is hard to not be intimidated by that simple fact.

The Conclusion? What should it be?

In my opinion, cosplay is a hobby and an art. Just like any art, it is hard to stop doing it once you have really gotten it into your blood. Cosplay is a great form of expression, and even though it involves a lot of competition and stress, in the end you still have something you created. That is something to be very proud of!

Furthermore, “Heroes of Cosplay” really does well to expose the real world of cosplay for what it is and what it can be. What you are seeing is not all acting. It is real and it is raw. To see what the world of cosplay is really like, I definitely recommend this show.


Temporary Throwback Thursday 2: Censorship in the Art World

Temporary Throwback Thursday is a short series of most read posts reposted from my old blog

Today I am taking a little break from the world of literature adventures to talk about a personal soap box topic that I hold dear.

In today’s society, censorship is not only a norm; it is rabid. Parents especially are censoring the things their children see and interact with. Which, even if the child doesn’t know it yet, carries on into adulthood and breeds more generations of the sheltered.

Why is this a problem? Well, it isn’t always a problem with some aspects of life however art is not one of the aspects that should be sheltered. So many people now a days see free expression as a sin or a horror to so many and the portrayal of any nude art is automatically seen as slutty. However, art doesn’t agree. Art should always push the boundaries of the imagination, not force you to only see rainbows and butterflies.

If any middle ground between freedom and censors could be reached in the online forum, I do believe that it would be in the case of filters and age limits. Like’s filter system. It isn’t perfect, but it keeps the gritty world out of the eyes of those not ready. As far as censoring the artists who do the gritty, the nude, and the grotesque art; That is an absolute no. I, myself, have found inspiration from some of these artists. Imagining the art world without said artists, quite frankly, is frightening. The creation of art that has an extreme understanding of anatomy is a hard skill to master and one that should be admired. Not shut out or shamed as “inappropriate.”


Temporary Throwback Thursday 1: Activism

Temporary Throwback Thursday is a short series of most read posts reposted from my old blog

WARNING: Below I will be addressing environmental conservation and the wrongs of an organization in my eyes. I do not ask you to believe in what I speak, but I do ask for respect that this is a post on my personal blog and not intended for anything but speaking my mind and views. I am not a part of any organization, nor do I participate in organized activism. Thank you.

“It is sad when you look at environmental conservation organizations and see that at least 80-90% of them are eco-terrorists. Yes, I oppose whaling, shark finning, and a whole other assortment of animal rights standpoints. However, I am not going to call an entire country (and ones that I love dearly aside from my own at that) monsters or support an organization that endangers their lives.”

I said this recently because once summer hits I have more time to focus on what I like to do and also focus on – as this quote suggests – activism. Environmental Conservation, Animal Rights, and Human Rights (including Expression through art) are very dear “soap box” discussions that I often play a part in.

Now, here is where the quote above – taken from my facebook – comes into play. While in college, I met many Japanese students obviously. They were very kind to me and spent a lot of time teaching me how to speak Japanese. One of these students was even able to talk to me about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization. Now, Sea Shepherd is painted as heroes of whales and the rest of the oceanic environmental conservation, however, I learned from this friend of mine that their tactics are actually hurting the people of Japan that are on these whaling vessels. Do not get me wrong here in saying this, because I am very against whaling of any sort, but I do not believe that harming humans is the way to get things done. That, my friend, is why it is called eco-terrorism. For example, I was given information that the bottles that Sea Shepherd uses to throw Butyric Acid are in fact made of glass. Are we missing the obvious threat to human life that broken glass can cause on a slippery ocean vessel? One cut from broken glass can cause infection on a vessel that is exposed to the elements. Nothing is going to get done about these issues if you do not respect the people on the other end of the issue to some degree. These sailors are only trying to make money for their families back home in any way they can. They are not monsters.

Another target of aggression is the Faeroe Islands for their mass murder of pilot whales. I personally can see, just like Inuit countries, why they whale. I may not agree with it and I do want it stopped, however, it has been in their culture since the time of the Vikings. They do respect the whales even if they kill them, because without the whales a big part of their culture would die off. They too need to be respected and understood, not treated like baby eating monsters.

Is it really too much to ask to peacefully try and end the dangers to our oceans together at least with a tiny bit of respect towards one another?

EDIT: On the bright side, Japan’s whaling in the Antarctic has been stopped temporarily and hopefully permanently! Good win for the whales, I would say.


Benefit of Google GLASS Technology

With Google GLASS trickling out into the market, I find myself and many others are discussing the benefits that this technology could bring. Nine months ago, I went to Bar Camp in Rochester, NY where a web service company showed off their Google GLASS work and a simple view of the code behind Google GLASS. The code was hilarious but also powerful! That moment was really what set me on researching the device as well as trying my hand at playing with code for it.

The benefits that I see of GLASS from my research are plenty. It opens up doors to new ideas and interactivity between life and technology. Now Google has stated that these glasses are not meant to be worn constantly, but more as another device that we can use in our daily lives. “Augmented Reality” is what they are calling it.

I, personally as a person entering the world of technology as a career, find Google GLASS to be more inspirational as an idea rather than the actual device itself – because surely Google will spam users with ads. But the idea of smart glasses creating a new way to share and receive information in our ever information driven world would be a great benefit to us. It could even be used as a form of multilingual communication where we would normally have to learn multiple languages “by hand”. The possibilities are endless.

To read more, has a great deal of information and links in their article on the benefits of smart glasses. Their article helped me a lot in my research and pointed me in the right path to dig deeper.

But what I want to know is what you think the benefits will be, if any, to this tech?