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Temporary Throwback Thursday 4: My Thoughts on Syfy’s Defiance

Temporary Throwback Thursday is a short series of most read posts reposted from my old blog

Syfy’s newest baby, Defiance, brings a new life to post-apocalyptic media plots. Defiance takes place 30 years after the terraforming of Earth by an alien planet. They, an entire planet’s races from across the galaxy, inhabited Earth. Furthermore, the story follows a man with his alien daughter’s dealings with the town of Defiance. It is interesting to see the interactions and relationships between the two of them as well as other characters form.

Defiance, to me, has become a quick favorite among my many. Terraforming, for example, has been something that science has explored before and has considered the possibility of humans terraforming another planet in the event that the Earth becomes too dangerous. The situation is reversed in the case of this show. This adds an interesting fictionalized look on the what if’s of terraforming a planet and how it would affect humans if it was done to our planet. The alien races are another aspect of this show that l find particularly interesting. They all seem to have their own systems of belief and systems of rule, however, this makes them more human than they seem to realize.

Yet, this show isn’t only an interesting show but also an apparently beautiful and exciting video game. I personally lack the system to play it right now, but from what I have seen I am definitely keeping it on my list.

All in all, Defiance has earned a spot as one of my favorite television shows. I think it is worth watching.

Fun fact: Defiance was given a B+ in a TV Review next to Doctor Who and Orphan Black.

Edit (6/5/14): Defiance will be back this summer! So looking forward to it and playing the game again!


Heroes of Cosplay: Motivator or Deterrent?

Cosplay has become mainstream after many years of being in the background. We see it – in a not joking light – on the streets, over the internet, and now on television. “Heroes of Cosplay” is Syfy’s reality television show about the prep and competition between popular cosplayers including the famed Yaya Han. However, is this show a motivator for new cosplayers? Or is it a deterrent?

The Motivator

Cosplay is a hobby that many people enjoy not only for the art but for the sense of achievement and community that comes with it. As a frequent con-goer and/or cosplayer, it would be hard not to see that there is a great love and respect between many cosplayers. Groups often form either out of friendships or out of mentor relationships with other cosplayers, which creates a very creative and interesting environment. Many, if not all cosplayers, are also motivated by the love they have for their character or the series they are cosplaying from. They show that love and end up connecting with those who have similar interests, obviously forming friendships along their journey in cosplay.

The Deterrent

With the show, you get to see what a lot of cosplayers really go through in the time before and during the convention. You see the days if not months of preparation of the costume during the segment and with that you see the days of fatigue and stress before the convention. Many cosplayers that I personally know also go through this right before a convention. Some can handle it, others cannot.

Then when the contest finally rolls around, you see the cosplayers show their stuff and the judges make their final decisions on who wins and often times it is not those that you have followed during the segment. This leads me to the arguments that I have made and have heard on the deterrent’s side. Because after watching all the work and all the stress that these people went through to create their cosplays, they still were up against other cosplayers with equally amazing talents. It is hard to not be intimidated by that simple fact.

The Conclusion? What should it be?

In my opinion, cosplay is a hobby and an art. Just like any art, it is hard to stop doing it once you have really gotten it into your blood. Cosplay is a great form of expression, and even though it involves a lot of competition and stress, in the end you still have something you created. That is something to be very proud of!

Furthermore, “Heroes of Cosplay” really does well to expose the real world of cosplay for what it is and what it can be. What you are seeing is not all acting. It is real and it is raw. To see what the world of cosplay is really like, I definitely recommend this show.


Comparison of “A Song of Ice and Fire” to “The Lord of the Rings” – Is it fair?

Hello Internet! Today, I am going to talk about something I recently found when I started reading A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin that sparked me to really look at the comparison between his books and Tolkien’s famed The Lord of the Rings. I posted on my facebook wall;

Started reading A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin today and in the first pages, there were quotes about how great the book is (as usual). One of them said that the reading “reflects our current world better than The Lord of the Rings.” …. Is it just me or did anyone else who has read that book have a “well no sh*t” moment?

It’s not like The Lord of the Rings came out at the same time, guys… The Lord of the Rings was first published in 1954 versus Game of Thrones which was first published in 1996.

Of course Tolkien’s work does not reflect our current world like Martin’s work. That statement is similar to stating that the sky is blue. The Lord of the Rings was written during a time where our social norms of today would be looked down upon. For example, the concept of platonic love between two men was known, but rarely (to my knowledge and research) shown in media of any sort. Also, the 50s were still quite conservative compared to what you would see now. (Note: there is absolutely no sex shown in the six books, and kissing was barely described) Whereas Martin’s work is not. Yet, that makes Martin’s work more enjoyable for the “modern” fantasy fan. George R.R. Martin’s work is also awe inspiring because of his pushing of the boundaries of written work. He created a world that shocked many because of the sheer depth of the history and lore. We as readers may never know the full histories of Westeros (unless Mr. Martin decides to write us a textbook on his realm) because the characters themselves don’t even know the truth from fantasy! That in itself is so amazing and oddly easy to relate to because we don’t even know our full histories yet as inhabitants of Earth.

But I digress before I go all fan-girly here…

Truly, the comparison of Tolkien vs [insert fantasy writer here] has become a topic that has beaten the dead horse bloody. Tolkien was one of the first epic fantasy writers that gained popularity and inspired many of the writers we know and love today to start writing in this genre. Which brings me to the conclusion of why I think the comparison is unfair…

Just think, if Tolkien had never written his books, we wouldn’t have many of these writers now. These books we adore so much, would not be here if Tolkien hadn’t lit the flame of fantasy. He is, after all, known as the “father of modern fantasy” for a reason.