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Career Purchases


In 2014

“I recently purchased an iMac to use for work in my career field at home. Due to being out of a steady job, I haven’t been able to use the same resources I have had at my disposal to make my production speed faster (like it was). Obviously the effect of that is that any work I do is slower – up until now. This wasn’t an easy purchase to make for me. I have a very hard time spending large amounts of money at once, so I just kept telling myself that I’d get one when I had a job again. However, being in the process of building up my portfolio again made me realized how much I needed a suitable machine for my work. My laptop is a great computer mind you but it is an everyday computer suitable for managing my daily social media, gaming, documents, and so on. For web development, it really fell short compared to the iMac.

It was hard – and I mean it – to decide if I wanted to spend the money right now or wait months if not more to buy it. I felt very unsure about it but when I went to the store and started looking around I fell in love with the perfect computer for what I do. I just couldn’t say no, because honestly it was more of an investment than a purchase. Especially because financing instead of paying it all at once became an option I hadn’t thought of.”


The reason I write this though is that since then I have invested in other career purchases since and I have found that not only is it good for your new business or your new job but it also helps with your confidence in what you do. As those of us start our careers we are often faced with speed bumps that make us rethink our choices both good and bad.

When you make these purchasing choices for your career be it a new computer, a new program, a portfolio website, or classes you are investing in yourself. You are saying that this is what you want to do and you will make it. I have known many of my former classmates that have gone though those same thoughts I had in 2014. They weighed out the pros and cons of these purchases Рas well as determining if the money was there to be spent Рfor months like I did. All said it was the best decision they made for their careers when they invested in one of Рor all Рof these things like I have.

So all in all, if you are like me and still just starting out invest in yourself and your career when you have the means! It could be the best decision you could make for yourself.


Benefit of Google GLASS Technology

With Google GLASS trickling out into the market, I find myself and many others are discussing the benefits that this technology could bring. Nine months ago, I went to Bar Camp in Rochester, NY where a web service company showed off their Google GLASS work and a simple view of the code behind Google GLASS. The code was hilarious but also powerful! That moment was really what set me on researching the device as well as trying my hand at playing with code for it.

The benefits that I see of GLASS from my research are plenty. It opens up doors to new ideas and interactivity between life and technology. Now Google has stated that these glasses are not meant to be worn constantly, but more as another device that we can use in our daily lives. “Augmented Reality” is what they are calling it.

I, personally as a person entering the world of technology as a career, find Google GLASS to be more inspirational as an idea rather than the actual device itself – because surely Google will spam users with ads. But the idea of smart glasses creating a new way to share and receive information in our ever information driven world would be a great benefit to us. It could even be used as a form of multilingual communication where we would normally have to learn multiple languages “by hand”. The possibilities are endless.

To read more, has a great deal of information and links in their article on the benefits of smart glasses. Their article helped me a lot in my research and pointed me in the right path to dig deeper.

But what I want to know is what you think the benefits will be, if any, to this tech?