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July 25, 2015
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Pryme Tyme Entertainment

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Pryme Tyme Entertainment

About The Project

Pryme Tyme Entertainment is a DJ service in Connecticut that was a solo project of mine through WebOzy Inc. I had frequent communication with the client, Aaron. He wanted a site that stuck with his color theme (purple, white, and black) but gave it the most modern update possible, including a responsive theme. He also wanted it to work for a mostly wedding client base however making it appealing to not just them but also school and corporate event planners as well.

The Site Included...

The site includes a bunch of responsive friendly custom features like larger headers, sliders, and full width content areas with photos provided by the customer that had to be edited by me. The background on the front page as well had to be edited extensively with a black and white photo base but a gradient overlay from black to white so that it fades when it hits content heavy sections including another paralax black and white photo. The front page included two paralax sections one was an edited photo (to be black and white) and another taken from the theme and customized to be a rich purple. The theme used for the site was customized while still respecting the functions of the theme that already worked well for the client. The front page was also an independent template featuring a boxed layout which the rest of the pages on the site had full width layouts. We also integrated all of his former blog's posts (all 25 pages) into the new site. I also learned how to help with basic SEO through this project on some of the pages.

Weeks in Development Time

The initial time to develop the site took just under 2 weeks. Including some early revisions. Minor alterations and the home page were changed over time but the actual build remained largely the same.