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Temporary Throwback Thursday 3: Homeland by R.A.Salvatore: An absolute favorite

Temporary Throwback Thursday is a short series of most read posts reposted from my old blog http://changethefates.wordpress.com/.


I feel bad that my copy looks like this, however, it has been well loved. Today I felt like sharing one of the biggest inspirations to me in my blog on this rainy day (at least in New York). This is a book of which I make a point to re-read at least part of every summer.

R.A.Salvatore’s book Homeland follows the beginning of one of the most iconic fantasy character’s life. Drizzt is a drow, a dark elf, that rebels against the ideals of the society that he was born into. This book is beautifully written. He gives the reader a story that is dark and often tragic, however, it can immediately give an air of comedy or lightness in return. It is full of fight scenes as well that will hook you until the end. It is also filled with hatred, vengeance and a pinch of love.

Something that I loved about the book aside from the plot line was the interaction between the characters in the book, especially the interaction between Drizzt and Zaknafein (my personal favorite aside from Drizzt). You could feel the tension between the characters as if you were in the room with them at times. It, in my opinion, is an engaging book that I recommend to anyone who loves the fantasy genre. This particular book – even though I have read the series – sticks with me. It inspired me to write about the drow and even to start drawing my own characters that I have created. It is my absolute favorite book and I just had to share that.


Benefit of Google GLASS Technology

With Google GLASS trickling out into the market, I find myself and many others are discussing the benefits that this technology could bring. Nine months ago, I went to Bar Camp in Rochester, NY where a web service company showed off their Google GLASS work and a simple view of the code behind Google GLASS. The code was hilarious but also powerful! That moment was really what set me on researching the device as well as trying my hand at playing with code for it.

The benefits that I see of GLASS from my research are plenty. It opens up doors to new ideas and interactivity between life and technology. Now Google has stated that these glasses are not meant to be worn constantly, but more as another device that we can use in our daily lives. “Augmented Reality” is what they are calling it.

I, personally as a person entering the world of technology as a career, find Google GLASS to be more inspirational as an idea rather than the actual device itself – because surely Google will spam users with ads. But the idea of smart glasses creating a new way to share and receive information in our ever information driven world would be a great benefit to us. It could even be used as a form of multilingual communication where we would normally have to learn multiple languages “by hand”. The possibilities are endless.

To read more, smart-glasses.org has a great deal of information and links in their article on the benefits of smart glasses. Their article helped me a lot in my research and pointed me in the right path to dig deeper.

But what I want to know is what you think the benefits will be, if any, to this tech?

There are never guarantees in this life

It has been a busy few months with lots of ups and downs. First off, I got laid off from my job at the web service company I worked for, had to close up the apartment, and move back to my parents house. Luckily, a month of moving is almost over and unemployment is sorted. A new adventure has to begin soon, yes?

one of my friends at the coffee shop use to make these lattes for me before work. He came up with a unique drink too, not just the "no"

one of my friends at the coffee shop use to make these lattes for me before work. He came up with a unique drink too, not just the “no”

What I find is the hardest thing to face in times like this is the simple fact that there are no guarantees. You can never be certain that something is yours forever. Loss is a required path (or more so a detour) in life, otherwise, you will never know what it feels like to be happy. It fills us with fear, that simple thought. Fear of change. Instead of thinking of the fear though, think of the now. Think of your job, your home – be it a rental or one you own. Think of family or friends, or both of course. Think of the person that has your heart in their hands, the one that holds you close even when you don’t think you need them too. Think of you, the beautiful person that you are! Enjoy your life and good memories, because you don’t know when something will change. Change is an ever constant in this life, embrace it!

All my best, my lovely readers.